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EasyHealth Refundable
Hospital Income Plan
10 years’ premium for 15 years’ coverage
Refund premium after 15 years regardless of claims

Moreover, enjoy a refund of 102% of the actual total premium paid at maturity upon end of the 15th policy year regardless of any claims made during the protection period.

TravelCare Insurance

Whether you like to organize every part of your trip or prefer to take it one day at a time, be sure to plan for travel protection before you take off. Offering the coverage you need for your travels, working holiday and overseas studies—so you can enjoy every step of your journey.

Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme

The Government-certified Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme provides you core coverage on hospitalization and surgical care.

At HKT Care, we take your well-being to heart. Discover a wide range of insurance plans. From medical plans, to home coverage, to travel protection—and more. Get the right solutions that suit your needs at every stage of life.
Prepare for a brighter future, come what may. Discover a range of protection plans designed to help you live life to the fullest. From medical, accident and disability coverage, to home, travel and auto insurance, we have you covered!